What Makes Clearbanc Different?

Equity Investment







Fixed Rate

5-7 Days



Revenue Share

Months or Years

Board Seats

Paid first in sale of business

Targets 10x investment on sale or public offering

Compound interest rate

Weeks or Months

Default if you fall on hard times

Monthly fixed payment plus interest

As Seen In

Stop Pitching

Get Back to Building

Named a market leader by Tech Crunch, Clearbanc provides fast, affordable,         growth capital for online brands.

1-800Accountant is a nation wide team of accountants, bookeepers and tax experts, here to help Founders navigate a changing world. 

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Clearbanc has deployed over $1 Billion in capital to Founders around the world


Capital Deployed

Of Founders take more capital




If you have positive ROAS, 

we're putting money in your pocket

Our Mission

By Founders, For Founders

Clearbanc's mission has been to help e-commerce founders grow their business with non-dilutive capital.

We don't take equity in your business. This allows you to keep more for yourself and your employees while still getting the capital you need to grow.

If you have positive ROAS, 

we're putting money in your pocket

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Accelerate your Company Growth

Clearbanc's unique revenue share model makes your paid advertising dollars go further than they ever have before.

Get Funded in Hours

Our automated diligence connects directly with your online revenue data. We use your sales data to confirm your offers in minutes.

$1 Billion

Clearbanc has funded over 2,500 entrepreneurs with over $1 Billion in funding. 

87% Receive Additional Investment

Our process and customer service is so good that 87% of our companies come back to us within 6 months for more money.

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Percentage ownership of your business

Personal Guarantees and Lien on Assets

“Clearbanc is a game changer. You don't need to put up your house, drown in credit cards or give up a piece of your baby to fund ads and inventory. Getting fast, affordable growth capital from Clearbanc was a no brainer for us.
Let's Go!”

Gary Vaynerchuk

CEO, VaynerMedia 

& Clearbanc Venture Partner